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Privacy and Policies:

We respect our blog readers. Your privacy matters a lot to ourselves. We will not share any particular information like cookies or  IP  address to any third party. We share our blog content with you for education purpose only. Our blog is all about English essays, letters, and grammar for school and college students.   This blog has divided into three pages; the first page is about essays, the second page is about letters, and the third page is about English Grammar.

Our Privacy and Policy helps you to understand our site-

What kind of Information is available Here:

1. Different types of English essays and articles on various topics like school, animals, home, family, festivals, etc.

2. Selected letters for all kinds of occasions like personal, invitations, congratulations, school and banking letters.

3. Complete English grammar for secondary and senior secondary students.

Third Party:
You will not share any links to our website. If you want to share any links to our site, then you need our permission.


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We will never share or save any personal information such as browser history, I.P address, and cookies. We don't support anybody or any bot to collect anything related to your browser details and cookies.

If you are not following our website Privacy and Policy, then we have a right to block you.

"We can change your privacy and policy anytime. Hope, so you all follow our Privacy and Policy."

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