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 Good manners teach us how to interact with people in a courteous and respectful manner. All like a person with good manners. We have provided essays on Good Manners in three different standards and select anyone according to your necessity.


good manners

 10 Lines on Good Manners


1. Good manners is a positive quality of a good man. Our manners tell others how good or bad we are.

2. It covers our thoughts, actions, gestures, and communication style.

3. It transforms a common person into a nobleman or cultured well-being. 

4. Good manners play a major part in a person's life, and they are always learned by practicing good habits.

5. Children learn good manners from their parents as well as at school.

6. Good etiquette taught us how to talk and act properly.

7. Etiquette and good manners are essential for success.

8. Personal hygiene and the cleanliness of one's surroundings are also important aspects of good manners.

9. Everyone admires and loves someone who has decent manners.

10. We should be honest, truthful, simple, and humble. 


Essay On Good Manners 100 to 150 Words
It is necessary to have good manners in order to be socially accepted. One can learn good manners from anywhere and from anybody. Good manners are actions or habits that help a person become more civilized, mature, reasonable, and polite. In our daily lives, we interact with hundreds of people, and it is important that we treat them with respect.


A child must know how to interact and present himself to the people around him. Good manners assist a person in becoming successful and succeeding in life. Communication is essential to accomplishing milestones in the workplace, thus one must be careful how he interacts.


Good manners are the ornament of a gentleman. They are necessary for success and popularity in life. Good manner is a good tonic for the broken heart. It is correct to say that manners make a complete man. Without them, he is still an animal.


Essay On Good Manners 200 to 300 Words 

Ever since we started growing up, we have been taught to behave in a well-mannered way. Manners are external expressions of man's inner nature and invariably his character. No matter how educated you are, if you lack basic good manners, none of your education counts.


If you ever notice, you will see that there is a clear difference between an educated and uneducated person. The difference is not merely based on the degree but also on the behavior of the individual. A person with good manners treats other people in a good way. He doesn't make other people feel bad about themselves, no matter what the situation is. He brings people up and supports them. A person with good manners is helpful and takes good care of people around him.


Every person deserves respect, it includes your parent's teachers and every person you come in contact with. It is a nice gesture if you greet people, say them a good hello, wish them a good day, etc. Good manners not only make you a good person in front of other people, but it also makes you self-confident it adds a spark to your personality, 


When addressing people, you should use a word like EXCUSE ME and PLEASE and make a habit to say THANKYOU and SORRY. It's the little things that count and make you a good human, not just for yourself but for your family, friends, teachers, society, and everyone around you. So we should always keep in mind that we behave properly not only in front of certain people but in front of everyone so they can learn and get motivated to behave in a good way too.

Always remember that "GIVE RESPECT, TAKE RESPECT."


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