Essay on My School Hostel in English


Essay on My School Hostel 100 words

Our school has a beautiful hostel. It is inside the school compound. About one hundred students live in it. Our hostel has big building. It has twenty rooms. The superintendent of our hostel is a good man. He takes proper care of boards of the hostel. The boarders get up very early in the morning and keep the hostel neat and clean. The pray in the evening and read up at 9 o’ clock at night. They never make a noise during the study hour. There is a dining room in our hostel and all the boarders take their meals at that room. The boarders of our hostel live like brothers.

Essay on My School Hostel 100 words

I am a student of Chinemay High school. There is a hostel in our school. Students from far off places come to stay in our school hostel. It is a massive building. It is quite adjacent to our school. One of our teachers remains in-charge of our hostel. He is our Superintendent. He takes care of the boarders. About one hundred pupils stay in our school hostel. The pupils obey the rules of the hostel. They attend the prayer class in the morning and evening. They usually  lead a perfect and routines life. The boarders of our hostel take their meals together in the dining room. All the boarders behave like brothers and enjoy homely peace here.

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