Essay on Honey Bee for Kids and School Students


Bees are very small and wonderful insects. They gather honey from flowers and store it in their hives. We have written a useful essay on the honeybee for kids, and school students select anyone according to your needs.

10 Lines Essay on Honey Bee
1. The bee is an insect.
2. It has four wings.
3. They are very hardworking
4. They are disciplined.
5. They have a strong sense of community.
6. They fly from flower to flower and collect honey.
7. The bees live in hives in swarms.
8. We get honey and wax from them.
9. Honey is sweet. It has medicinal value.
10. The life of a bee teaches us to work hard.

10 Lines Essay on Honey-Bee
1. The bee is a very small insect.
2. They are busy all day long.
3. It collects honey from flowers.
4. It lives in its community.
5. Along with other bees, it builds its house in the tree.
6. Its house is known as the bee-hive.
7. There is a queen in their swarm. 
8. She lays eggs in numbers.
9. It stores honey for us in its hive.
10. We should be busy and active live bees.

Essay on Honey-Bee 100 words
The bees are a very wonderful insect. It is very useful to man than other insects. Its body is divided into three parts- head, abdomen, and thorax. The front part has two legs, while in the hind part, they have four legs. It has two pairs of wings. The stringer of the bee is very poisonous. The colour of its body is yellow and black. There are many types of bees, bumblebees, Andrena carpenter, etc. In every hive, we find three kinds of bees. They are the queen, the drones, and the workers. There is one queen bee who is the mother of the whole swarm, and her business is to lay eggs. Then the drones, which are the male bees, they do nothing and eat honey. The worker's bees are very hardworking and do many things. They build the hive and collect honey from flowers. They are found in India, Russia, Germany, Spain and etc. It is useful in several ways. They give us honey and wax. It is used as medicine. The life of a bee teaches us to work for others.

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