Few Lines Essay on Fish for School Students


10 Lines Essays on Fish

1. Fishes live in water.
2. It has two eyes, fins, gills, and a tail.
3. They breathe with their gills.
4. Their body is covered with scales.
5. They are kept in an aquarium filled with water.
6. They keep swimming in the water.
7. It moves its fins and tails when it swims.
8. There are many types of fishes in the world.
9. Big fish in oceans and seas.
10. Nowadays many people keep fish as pets in there home.

Essay on Fish 100 words

The fish is an aquatic animal. It lives in water. We get fishes from rivers, ponds, tanks, and seas. There are many kinds of fishes in the world. Fishes like salmon and cod live in the sea. People catch them with nets for making oil. We eat the fishes of the rivers, ponds, and lakes. It is a nutritious food. The fisherman earned a lot of money by selling them in the market. Viticulture is a profitable business. It is the chief food for Japanese. In India, some Hindus do not eat fish at all. Fishing is a pleasant hobby for several people.

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