10 Lines Essay on Crow for Children's and School Students


Crows are bold and very clever thieves. In India, it is one of the commonest birds. We have provided an essay on crow for kids and school going students. Choose any one according to your requirements.
Essay on crow
10 Lines Essays on Crow
1. The crows are common birds found everywhere.
2. It is a black and ugly bird.
3. It has a black feather, black legs, black beak.
4. Its beak is strong and sharp.
5. Its voice is course.
6. It makes ‘Ca,’ ‘Ca’ sound and wakes us up early in the morning.
7. It is called a scavenger bird.
8. It is said that crows bring good news.
9. They make a nest, lay eggs, breed cheaper.
10. They make our environment clean by eating dead bodies of animals and birds.

10 Lines Essays on Crow
1. The crow is a clever bird.
2. It is found all over the world.
3. It is black in colour.
4. It flies with its two strong wings very fast.
5. It has a round neck, two legs, and two eyes.
6. It lives on grain, bread, ripe fruits, the flesh of dead animals, and dirty things.
7. The crow caws early in the morning.
8. It has its nest on the tree.
9. It has a very harsh voice as ‘Ca’ ‘Ca.’
10. Crows have good unity.

100 words Essays on Crow
The crow is a very common bird. It is very ugly to look at. It is about a foot long. It is black as well as ash in colour. It has strong wings. Its feathers are smooth and shining. It has small round eyes. Its beak is very strong. It s voice is harsh. It is a bird of omen. The crow feeds on fruits, grains, and all rotten things. We do not like crows, but they are useful to us. They eat rotten things and save us from diseases. They are our sweepers. They caw at dawn and help us to rise early. So it is helpful to us.

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