Few Lines Essay on Ant for Kids and School Students

Ant is an intelligent insect. They are different kinds of ants, and each type has its habits. We have written helpful essays for kids and school students. Select any one according to your needs. 

essay on ant

10 Lines Essay on Ant

1. The ant is an insect.
2. It has six tiny legs and two tentacles.
3. There are different kinds of ants.
4. White ants live in ant-hills.
5. Back and red ants are seen everywhere.
6. They live in groups.
7. Each group has a queen.
8. They are very laborious.
9. They save food for the future.
10. They are very disciplined.

10 Lines Essay on Ant
1. Ants are found everywhere in the world.
2. They are of different kinds.
3. Some ants are white, some are red, and some others are black.
4. The white ants eat up wood, paper, clothes, etc.
5. They are very harmful to society.
6. The red ant is very dangerous.
7. They eat up everything they find on their way.
8. The black ant are quite harmless.
9. They live and work together.
10. They collect food from different places and save them for the future.

100 words Essay on Ant

The ant is a very small insect. We find ants in large numbers in our houses. Some ants are black, some are white, and some are red. The white ant lives in the walls and in the molehills. These ants do us great harm. The black ant lives in holes or on the trees. They are found everywhere in society. They live together and work together. They have unity among them. They teach us how to obey law and order. The red ants are really very useful. They remove the dead insects from our houses. But the white ant is very harmful. We should not allow them to build their hills in our homes.

100 words Essay on Ant

The ant is a very small insect. It is seen everywhere. Some ants are white, some are black, and others are red. The white ant lives in ant-hills. Other ants live inside holes. They are always busy in gathering food. They can carry away things heavier than themselves. They are the symbol of labour, handwork, and also continuous work. The black and red ants are very fond of sugar and sweet things. The red ant bites us, and it gives us pain. The white ants eat away our clothes and books. They live and work together. We must learn a lesson from them that handwork is the path to success.

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