Few Lines Essay on Monkey for Children's and School Students


The monkey is just like a man. It lives in the tree.It jumps from tree to tree and house to house. We have written useful essay or sentences, few lines on monkey for children and school students. Select any one according to your need.
10 lines essay, sentences on monkey

10 Lines Essay or Sentences on Monkey
1. Monkeys are wild Animals
2. They are seen in villages, cities as well as in forests.
3.It stay on trees.
4. Their bodies are covered with thick and white fur.
5. It eats leaves,fruits, and vegetables.
6.They have long tails
7.The faces of monkeys are black.
8.The apes have red faces.
9.They are intelligent.
10. Now-days monkeys do a lot of harm to us. They destroy out orchards and vegetable plants in fields.

10 Lines Essay or Sentences on Monkey
1. The monkeys are tree-living animals.
2. It jumps from tree to tree easily.
3. It has a long tail, four legs, and blackface.
4. It uses the forelegs as hands.
5. It eats leaves, fruits, and bananas.
6. When it gets angry, it makes a shrill sound.
7. They are fond of jumping and running.
8. They live in groups in jungles, gardens.
9. The female monkeys carry children under their belly.
10.  People worship monkeys as ‘Hanuman.’

100 words Essay  on Monkey
Monkeys live in forests. It is a tree- animal. Some monkey have black faces, and others have red or brown faces, and others have red or brown faces. Monkeys have black faces called as ‘Hanu,’ and some have red face called ‘Pati.’ Sometimes they come to villages or towns. They use their front feet as hands. They are fond of  jumping from one tree to another and eat, berries, fruits, leaves, of the tree. They take away bananas or other fruits from the hands of small children. They carry their young ones with them. Children are very fond of watching it. Some people tame monkeys and teach them many tricks.

100 words Essay on Monkey

All of us have seen monkeys. It is just like a man in shape. It has four legs., a round head and a long tail. It uses its fore-legs like a hand. We generally find the back face monkey and red-faced ape. They live on the trees in the forests. They are fond of jumping and running. They live on leaves, nuts, and fruits. The monkeys of villages do us much harm. The are not at all useful to us. It is generally found in hot countries. Every Hindu who has read the Ramayana knows the name of "Hanuman". Some Hindus worship it.

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