Essay on My Father for Kids, Children's and School Students


Father is great and grand like the sky. We all respect  him very much. We have written simple essay on My father for children and school students, choose  any one according to your needs.

10 Lines Essay on My Father
1. The name of my father is Ram Kishore Yadav.
2. My father is a teacher.
3. He is fourty years old.
4. He is strong, healthy, tall and fair.
5. He always wears clean clothes.
6. He is honest, punctual and dutiful.
7. He is a reputed person of our locality.
8. He advises us to be a good person.
9.  He takes care of all of us.
10. All in my family love and respect him.

Essay on My Father (100 words)
Father is as broad as the sky. One is known in society for his father’s reputation. He is the head of our family. He is tall and physically strong. His name is Sri. Ramchandra Mahato. He is very simple and amiable. He is a science teacher. He attends the school regularly. His teaching skill is unique.  He gets up early in the morning. He never gets angry and never loses temper in any situation. He helps us with our lessons. He always guide us, to be honest, and truthful. He utilizes his leisure time by going through different books. He is an ideal father. Our neighbours always come to him for his valuable advice and suggestions.  He is a good neighbour. He is very helpful and kind to all. I love and respect my father. I pray to god for his long life.

Essay on My Father 200 to 250 words
India scriptures often glorify a father as greater as the sky. For a child, his father is great and giant like the sky. His name is Sri. Tapan Mukherjee . He is fourty five years old.  He is about six feet, two inches tall. He is healthy and not very fat. His complexion is light brown. He is very strong and perfectly well- proportioned body. He is very gentle and friendly.   He is very sincere, loyal and punctual. He wears very simple, printed shirts and paints. He is liked and well respected for his good character. My father is a highly educated man. He is an English Teacher in a Government High School. He has written about fifty books on different topics.  My father does not eat meat. He eats very simple vegetarian food. He utilises his free time by going through different magazines, newspapers and books. He never sits idle. He rises up early in the morning and goes to bed at 10 o’ clock night. He always taught us to be honest, truthful and kind-hearted. He always encourages us for every work. He has many responsibilities. There are five members in our family. My father is to manage all of us. He works very hard to educate us and to provide us with books, notebooks and school fees. Everybody likes to meet my father. He is very helpful and considerate. I love and respect him.  He is my friend, philosopher, and guide. I always pray for his healthy and long life.

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