Simple Essay on My Mother for Kids, Children's and School Students


Mother is the adorable and sweetest word in the universe. She loves us and guides us. We have written simple essays on my mother select any one according to your needs.  

10 Lines Essay on My Mother

1. My mother’s name is Mrs Moumita Devi.
2. My mother is a loving lady.
3. She is an advocate.
4. She is thirty-five years old.
5. She gets up early in the morning.
6. She cooks food and give us in time.
7. She takes care of us.
8. She works hard from morning till night.
9. All in our neighbourhood likes her.
10. All in my family love and respect her.

Essay on My Mother (100 words)
Mother is an integral part of everyone’s life. The name of my mother is Sarojini Mohapatra. She was born in Mumbai. She is a middle-aged lady. She is a qualified accountant and works in a local private company. She rise up early in the morning and goes to bed late. She does a lot for all of us. Her love for us is beyond expression. She is a religious woman. She loves reading spiritual books like Bhagwat Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc.  She tells us stories and teaches us to be honest, truthful and religious. She loves us very much. I respect my mother very much.

Essay on My Mother (200 to 250 words)

Mother is the sweetest and adorable word in the world. No one is dearest to me than my mother. Her name is Mrs Subashee Moharana. She is a good- looking woman of thirty-seven years old, having dark black hair and a fair complexion. She is about five feet, five inches tall and thin. She always wears plain style cotton sarees. She always chooses yellow and red colours sarees to wear. On may festival occasions, she wears white sarees to worship God. She has done (Hons), Msc and Mphil and receives two gold medals from the university. She is a lecturer in Rabindranath University. She always wakes up early in the morning before anyone gets up. First of all, she keeps the house nice and clean. She takes a shower, prays to god, prepares our breakfast and cooks our meals. She takes the proper care of our health and hygiene. All the household things are in the responsibility of her. She makes our bed, washes our clothes, decorates our rooms, sweeps the floor, washes the dishes, and take care of our domestic animals. She works like a machine to dawn to midnight. She is a deeply religious and pious lady. She is fond of reading spiritual books like the Mahabharata, Gita and Ramayana, etc.

My mothers love us very much. She is my friend, philosopher, and guide. She never gets angry with me. She always talks with very politely and softly. She is my first institution. She teaches us to honest, brave,  truthful, and kind-hearted. I respect and love my mother from the bottom of my heart. She is the source of inspiration for me.

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