Essay on My School Library for Children's, Kids and School Students


School library is the perfect place of learning. No school, college or university cannot be complete without a good library. We have written a few essays on My school Library choose any one according to your need.

10 Lines Essay on My School Library

1. Our school has a good library.
2. There are about four thousand books in it.
3. A teacher is in charge of it.
4. He takes care of the books.
5. He issue books to students and teachers
6. There are many story books, magazines, and novels in it.
7. Books are kept there in almirahs.
8. We can get books of our choice.
9. We go to the library every week.
10. Books are added our extra knowledge.

Essay on My School Library (100 words)

A temple with an idol is not a temple. A school without a library is no school.  There is a big library in our school. Thousands of books are available different subjects such as history, geography, science, novels, journals and etc . The books and magazines are arranged in rows on iron shelves. A teacher remains in charge of it. The librarian issues book to teachers and students and take care of it. Every year new books are purchased. We go there ounce a week to read book and magazines. Every school should have a library. The library is very much useful to increase our knowledge.

Essay on My School Library (200 words)

A big room or a hall where all types of books are available for free reading is called a library. No school can be perfect without a good library. My school has a well-equipped library. It is a house of knowledge. The books provide us with specialized knowledge, information and wisdom. There are more than seven thousand books in it. It is divided into two sections, one for the students and another for the teachers. There are different books available on various topics such as novels, biographies, autobiographies, mythologies, economics, maths, science, computer, history, geography, etc. Each month magazines specially published for children are bought for our library. The librarian is the takes care of it. The books are arranged in alphabetical order and subject wise in shelves. Students can read and borrow a book of their choice. During recess, we read magazines and newspaper in the library. We bring books from our library on every Saturday. We keep then with us for a week. We don't tier or destroy the books of it. We read them mindfully and learn many things from them. It has certain rules that every student must follow. Complete silence is observed in it. Anyone who makes noise is punished. The librarian should be a man of knowledge. He should help others to read good books. We learn much from reading books and magazines. I find our school library a suitable place for studies.

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