Essay on Discipline for School Students and Childrens


Discipline is necessary in domestic life.  Every member in a family should follow a set of conduct and thus work for the welfare of the family.  We have written essay on discipline on 100, 200 and 300 words. Choose any one according to your necessity.

Essay on Discipline (100 words)
Discipline makes us civilised. If there is no discipline, there will be confusion everywhere. Discipline is of great importance in schools, colleges, and universities. If there is no discipline in colleges and schools, it is impossible to impart education  effectively. Maintaining law and order in society is necessary. Students can lead a good life if disciplined. There should be proper discipline at home. A country can not face external wars if its armed forces are not disciplined. Discipline is necessary for people in all phases of life. Students studying in schools and colleges, defence personnel, industrial workers-all must have discipline. Only then a nation can progress. Discipline makes society civilised and culturally rich.

Essay on Discipline (200 to 300 words)
Being disciplined means being submissive to orders or rules. It is essential to teach rules and regulation in the early stage of life to become the right man in future. A child who acts as per his own sweet will becomes wayward and is swayed by passions, temptations and other vices. Unless one is disciplined he cannot counteract the challenges of life. A student should adjudge study as the first and foremost duty. But a student cannot be diligent unless he is disciplined.

Since students are the future citizens of the country, they should be trained right from their childhood by the parents how to show respect to the parents, teachers and old ones. They should be appropriately advised to pay attention to their studies, to take physical exercises daily to practise hobbies that are useful for the body and the mind. If a student is inattentive in the class, disobedient to the respectable, takes a company of the evil and the wicked ones he is sure to spoil his life and cannot rectify himself when he enters public life in future. Discipline is of utmost importance in every walk of life whether it is in the army, in the teaching profession, in the study or any other job. Since an army or police force is disciplined, it can control a mob of thousands in a while despite the small size of the former. It is conceived by many that discipline takes away the freedom of people, but the reality is entirely different from the imagination. Discipline checks our ugly habits and makes our life happy and charming in future. One should not be effort-shirking or careless for practising discipline. It is generally found that students of foreign countries learn discipline right from the school days. It is the disciplined way of life that makes them victorious in the wars fought in the past. Since we Indians could not practise discipline, we remained as slaves of others for centuries. The concept of compulsory military training is developed to foster a habit of discipline. Discipline is often intended to strengthen character.

It is by discipline only that a smaller army can defeat an army which is large in size. Thus the value of discipline cannot be exaggerated. The inhabitants of some developed countries know the value of discipline. Students can keep themselves disciplined by remaining away from dirty politics.

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