Essay on The Work I Like Best for School Students

The work I like best is social service. I am a Boy Scout, and I have taken a vow to do at least one good work every day. Whenever I see a little child or a blind man trying to cross the street. I always help him to do so. I am happy when he thanks me for helping him.

My father is a rich man. He gives me a big pocket money. But I do not like to spend it on cinema shows or lunch in hotels. Rather I like to help my poor class fellows or the poor children in my locality. I have set up an evening class for these poor children. I purchase books for them and also teach them for an hour every Evening. When I grow up, I wish to be a doctor. I wish to treat the poor people free. I also wish to supply them medicines and fruits from my own pocket. This is my idea of social service, which I like so much to do in my life.

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