Essay on Railway Station for Children and School Students


Railway Station

Essay on Railway Station (100 words)
The train stops at a railway station for a few minutes. Many passengers get down here and many others enter. As the train arrives, there is a great rush of people. After some time the guard blows a whistle and shows a green flag. Then the train leaves the station. A Railway station has a station master's office, a booking-office, and waiting rooms. People stand in line in front of the booking-office and buy tickets. On the platform, vendors sell tea, sweets, and fruits. There are porters (coolies) to carry the luggage of the passengers. People also book goods in the Railway station.

Essay on Railway Station (300 to 400 words)
The railway station presents a very interesting sight. It is full of life and activities. One finds a number of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, taxis, rickshaws a way from the station at the parking place. There is a long queue of passengers before the ticket-window. The passengers come and stand in the queue and those who have got their tickets make for their respective platform. And the porters carry their luggage and follow them. Some wait for the train on the main platform and some others cross the overbridge to other platforms to catch their trains.
The platform looks e a large fair. Some passengers are found sitting on the cement benches. They get immerse never-ending talks. Some other passengers are busy chatting with others at the book-stall. Some are peeping at papers or selecting books to read on the train. Some people are found at the drinking water cooler to collect water. Some passengers throng at the tea-stall for tea or snacks, some others are at the fruiterer to buy fruit, The young passengers walk up and down the platform and enjoy the scenes and thus while away their time. The hawkers go about hawking at the top of their voices to draw the attention of the passengers. All are waiting for the train.
The bell rings announcing that the train is due to arrive soon. The hustle and bustle of the platform increases. The whole platform becomes very active. All the passengers get ready for the train. They throw their anxious look at the direction the train is expected to come from. At last the train comes to sight. Now the passengers are on their legs ready to rush into the compartments as soon as the train arrives. The potters ate running about with the luggage. The whole platform looks like a teeming-hive. Now the train steams into the railway station and halts on the scheduled platform. There is a heavy rush at the entrance of each second-class compartment. The passenger's on the platform try to push themselves into the compartments whereas the passengers anxious to get down push themselves out. This goes on for some time. Some passengers run madly here and there in search of better compartments. The rush at the door of the compartment is a chance for the pickpockets. Some lose their purse and money. The hawkers go shouting their articles. They move from one window to another selling their articles.
The railway staff is all busy. The station master marks the time and waves the green flag. The guard on the train blows the whistle and responds waving the green flag. The engine whistles and the train glide out of the station. The passengers who got down on the platform make for the exit gate of a railway station. The ticket collector standing at the gate is busy collecting tickets from them. This is all about the scene at the railway station.


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