Brief Essay on My Neighbours for School and College Students - 300 to 500 words


We can live without our friends, but not without our neighbours", says Thomas Fuller. We, I too agree with him. We cannot think of our life without our neighbours. We are fortunate enough to have good neighbours.  We live with them, move with them, exchange our views with them and even help one time of need. Our neighbours are Mr. Das, Mr. Mahato and Mr. Patro. We love them all equally well. But among them, Mr. Mahato is our best neighbour. We all love him and the members of his family for their good nature.
His Occupation and dealings with others:
Mr. Mahato is a businessman. He has a bookshop at the Old Bus stand. He is the leading publisher and bookseller of Southern Orissa.  He has published a lot of books: books for general readers and books for students, teachers and scholars as well. He is a man of fair dealing and good behaviour. His polite words, his smiling face and his convincing approach please every customer- young or old. Once you step into his shop, you cannot help buying a book or two. Ho has good contact with student teachers and general customers. The authors who write books for his publications are quite pleased with his in behaviour. His connection with other book-sellers in and outside the town is quite friendly. Everybody loves him and speaks highly of him. Besides his publications, he keeps books from different publishers and displays them in the shop. Whatever book you need, you go and find it there. If any books are not readily available at his shop, he immediately places orders for them, gets them in a few days and thus fulfils his customers' needs. He is always happy to help his customers.
The other members of his family:
Mr. Mahato has a large family. He lives in his own house at the end of the town. He has two sons and three daughters. All of them are well educated. Two of them-a daughter and a son have been married. His daughter-in-law is a nice woman, educated and refined in her behaviour. His wife is a pious woman, devoted to the members of her family. They are all friendly to us in their ways and dealings. His younger son is my classmate. We are both in the same college. We read together and play together. On festive occasions, they give us sweets and cakes, and we also do the same. Mr. Mahato is our true neighbour, Ho is, so to say, a good Samaritan. When we are in trouble, he comes forward to help us.
He shares our weal and woe and stands by us on our bad days. He loves us very much. On Sundays, he sits with my father and talks about so many things. All the members of his family are as good as him. They often come to our house, and we too go theirs. His wife and my mother sit talking for hours. They discuss the future of their respective children. A real neighbour is one who helps you in the time of need. And Mr. Mahato has proved himself a worthy neighbour of ours because he has helped us on many an occasion. His love for our family is beyond measure. We are all happy to have such a neighbour who is always for others and others' happiness.

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