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Life in an Indian village is very simple and peaceful. We have provided a useful essay on Life in a village in 10 Lines, 100 words and 300 to 400 words. Choose anyone essay or paragraph according to your necessity.


10 Lines Essay on Life in a Village
1. Life in the village is very calm and pleasant.
2. One can have natural beauties in the village.
3. Most of the villagers are farmers.
4. They work hard in their field.
5. They grow crops for the nation in it.
6. Most of the houses are made of mud.
7. People of different occupations live here.
8. There are farmers, potters, oilman, barbers, milkman
and other classes of people in it.
9. We find schools, colleges, hospitals, farms, factories in villages.
10. I love the village very much.

Essay on Life in a Village (100  words)
The life in an Indian village is simple and peaceful. It is a mixture of happiness and sorrows, work and rest. It is full of festivals and village pastimes. Here violence, selfishness, and jealousy are comparatively less than those in the city. Time moves at a slow pace here. In spite of a lot of changes in the life of the village folk since our independence, the villages keep up our rich tradition and culture. The real life of the country lies in our villages, So our Government is giving much emphasis on our villages welfare. The Indian villages nowadays enjoy good roads, electricity facilities, communication and entertainment facilities. The Panchayat Raj system has introduced to bring about an improvement in the villages life.

Essay on Life in a Village (300 to 400 words)

The life in an Indian village is a true source of eternal joy. One can enjoy here the scenic beauty of nature one's heart's content. The deep forests with their rustling leaves, the green meadows with grazing cattle, the rich corn-fields with busy peasants, the mango groves with thrilling notes of the
Cuckoo,  the running streams with their perennial murmurs make one forget all his or her worries and anxieties. The changing sights of nature with the change of season- cycle fill the village life with beauty and variety. A visitor, whether a poet or a philosopher, is lost in a trance when he or she beholds the changing sights of nature in the village.

Varieties of Occupations and their charms:
People of different castes and occupations such farmers, farm workers, carpenters, potters, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, washermen, barbers, fishers, Harijans inhabit in a village. They are all busy with their work from dawn to dusk and thus earn their living. Farmers work very hard on their land and grow different crops. They are filled with satisfaction when they get the fruits of their labour. But all is not well with them. The natural calamities like floods, cyclone, drought, etc. put them at a heavy loss. The irregularities and uncertainties of the monsoon destroy their crops. But they never give way to sorrow or grief. They work hard and manage to live their life. The village artisans also struggle hard to make ends meet.

Its simplicity and peace:
The day in an Indian village begins with the twittering of birds. Menfolk get up early and go on with their usual work. The women folk after having their bath in the pond return to their respective homes to resume their daily household work. The children are found playing merrily in the streets. The evenings in a village are quite enjoyable. The curls of smoke are seen rising up from every kitchen. The night with the moon above turns the village a dreamland. The villagers pass their evening at the temple or in the village library talking about their own problems. Some of the villager's youth play kabaddi and others enjoy the game. The life in an Indian village is really enjoyable. But the influence of modern civilization has vitiated it nowadays. The dirty political game of the selfish politicians has spoiled the peace and happiness of the innocent villagers. The show of money and muscle power at the election of the country has polluted the peaceful atmosphere of the village life. The village folk are no more charmed by the scenic beauty of their natural environment. They are rather attracted by the artificial city life which offers them better jobs and better living conditions. As a result of this, the rural agriculture gets neglected.

Now our Government should make proper planning for the development of our villages.They should provide every facility to the village folk so that the latter will not rush to the towns and cities. The village life should be kept away from dirty political games Then it will continue to be the centre of attraction for its beauty of nature. Our planning for rural development should be done with every sincerity to bring about the real improvement in rural agricultural life. Then our villages will retain their charm.

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