Essay on Visit to a Hill Station Mussoorie - 200 to 300 words


It was our summer vacation. As my mother was recovering from a long illness, the doctor advised my father to go some hill station as a change of climate would quickly improve her health. Accordingly, we left for Mussoorie on the 18th of May. We arrived at Dehradun by train in the morning. Having taken our breakfast at the railway refreshment room, we got into the bus which was bound for Mussoorie. The bus started at 8 A.M. The journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie is very charming. There are many beautiful waterfalls and lovely mountain streams on the way as well as huge rocks covered with beautiful plants and flowers. The zigzag road seems to disappear and again reappear through a tunnel from time to time. We reached the “Sunny View” hill where we got down and entered a cottage- ‘The Peace-which already had been booked by my father earlier.

We took our rest at night. We had a sound sleep in the cold climate after the heat of Delhi. Next morning, accompanied by my two sisters and a friend, we went to see the famous Tiger Falls. It was a beautiful scene. The breadth of the waterfall was over 150 feet. Our Nepali guide told us that the waterfall started on its course from Nanga Parbat in Nepal.

The water of the fall was pure and transparent as a mirror. I was feeling thirsty. My sister gave me a cup of water from the waterfall. Oh! How sweet and refreshing it was! On the return journey, we visited the famous ‘Camelback' about which we had heard so much. We greatly enjoyed the beauty of nature. In this way, we enjoyed every day of our two month's stay in Mussoorie.We came back to Delhi in July as my mother had recovered fully and heavy rains had already started in Mussoorie.

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