Simple Essay on A Visit to An Exhibition for Children's and Students - 100 to 200 words


Exhibition and fairs always help us to improve our knowledge. We have provided use essay on “A Visit to An Exhibition” for children and school students. Choose anyone according to your need.

Essay on A Visit to An Exhibition (100 words)
There was an exhibition at Bhubaneswar in December last. It was an agricultural exhibition. It had been organised by the Agriculture Department. I went to see it with my father. We booked our tickets and entered the exhibition ground through the main gate. There were stalls in it. Each stall has been fully decorated. In some stalls, there were vegetables of different kinds, and in other stalls, there were seeds and manures. In an open place in front of the stalls, we saw some agricultural implements. There were tractors, ploughs, spades and hoes of different kinds. Our farmers should use them and grow more crops in our fields. I saw and learnt many things from that exhibition. In future, if I am a farmer I shall make good use of them.  

Essay on A Visit to An Exhibition (200 to 250 words)
Delhi is a place of fairs and exhibition. Every year fairs and exhibitions on national or international levels are held here. Industrial Trade Fair started on 14th November 2017 at Pragati Maidan on Mathura Road. It was organised by the Small Scale Industries Department. Many countries participated in the Fair. All the States of India put up their stalls and decorated them beautifully. The exhibition attracted a large crowd of people from all parts of the country and abroad. I went to this fair with my parents on a fine Sunday noon. There was a massive crowd of the people at the main gate. My father bought tickets from a ticket window. We entered the exhibition grounds happily. Maps, charts and signboards were displayed at corners. Almost all the states had established their pavilions. The pavilions of Delhi Mysore, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were very attractive. Many foreign countries also took part in the exhibition. Canada, Russia, Japan and China had put up beautiful pavilions. We saw the industrial progress made by these countries. I was much impressed by the beautiful art of China and Japan. Toys from Japan were very beautiful. There was a toy bus for the children. My father then took me to see the dance programme presented by Russian artists. Industries and business men all over the world were busy in making business deals. Everything in the exhibition was a part of education. We were now tired. We took some cold drinks snacks in a restaurant, In the evening we returned home tired but happy.

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