Essay on Summer Season for Children's and School Students - 10 Lines, 100 to 200 words


Summer is the hottest season of the year. We have provided an essay on summer season for kids and school students. Choose any one according to your need.


10 Lines Essay on Summer Season

1. The summer season starts in March and ends in June.
2. It is very hot during this weather
3. In this time the sky remains clear and dry.
4. The ponds, wells, rivers are dry at this time.
5. The villagers do not get pure water.
6. The trees stand leafless and cheerless.
7. The field looks dry and cracked.
8. The sun shines bright, and we sweat greatly.
9. We get many types of fruits, vegetables in this weather.
10.The farmers prepare their land for cultivation.

Essay on Summer Season (100 words)

The summer season begins late in March and ends in July. We feel very hot during this time. In summer the days grow long and the night becomes short. The sun rises early in the morning. Rivers, ponds, and wells dry up in summer. All Schools and colleges remain closed during this time. Sometimes nights are also very hot. People like to sleep in the open air at night. It is enjoyable to bath in cold water in summer. We get plenty of ripe mangoes, jackfruit, pineapple in this weather. Rain comes after the summer season. We feel quite happy.

Essay on Summer season (150 to 200 words)

Summer season is one of the six seasons of India. It comes after the spring weather. May, June, and July are the summer months of the year. These months are very hot. The humidity becomes unbearable. The sky looks clear at this time. At this time the day grows long and the night becomes short. Hence People get more time to work.  Sometimes the summer nights are also sweltering. Rivers, wells, and ponds are dry up by the rays of the sun. So men and animals get very little water to drink and bath. The weather is very plaintive. It is very tough to go outside. Due to the terrible heat roads and streets are become lonely. The weak and old men are often affected by sun-stroke. Schools, colleges, universities, and courts remain closed for hot weather. In a tropical country like India, this season is tormenting mainly for the poor.

The Farmers plough their fields and sow their seeds at this time. We get plenty of ripe mangoes, pineapple, bananas, and jackfruits in this season.  Though this time is not a pleasant one, yet it causes clouds. Hence it is good for the world. But rich and luxurious people do not like it.  

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