Simple Essay on Eid for Kids and School Students - 100 to 150 words



Eid is the most important festival of the Muslims. A month before is the month of Ramadan in which Muslims keep day-long fasts and read the Quran regularly at the appointed times. Muslims take a vow to do good to others, not to commit thefts or undertake any other evil activities and to tell the truth. After the month of Ramadan is over the new moon is sighted and next day Eid is celebrated. This tells us that the Ramadan period has been completed.

On Eid day, meals or fairs are held at different places. In several houses, a special food “Swain”  or sweets is made and distributed among others. Rows of lights are lighted up at night.  All people, young and old, wear new clothes. They go from place to place, embracing their acquaintances with love and joy. This festival tells us to obey God and not to take part in any evil deeds or evil actions. We should love our neighbors. God is one, and we are his children. So we should always love one another.

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