Essay on Rainy Day - 10 Lines and 100 to 200 words


After the end of the summer season, people welcome the rainy season. It was a day of continuous rainfalls. We have provided the essay on a rainy day for children's and school students.

10 Lines Essay on Rainy Day

1. It was 25th July. I had gone to school as usual.  
2. But no sooner l had reached the school than it began to rain.
3. It rained heavily with thunder and lightning.
4. The teacher could not teach in our class.
5. He went away to the office.
6. So we made a noise in the class.
7. We threw water at each other.
8. Having seen this, the Headmaster rang the final bell.
9. So I came back home.
10. But I was drenched all through on the way.

Essay on Rainy Day (100  to 200 words)

It was the hot month of June. Hot winds blew from morning to evening. We prayed to God for rain. At last, on the 25th of June, the rains came. The sky was covered with dark clouds, and soon it began to rain. Shortly afterward there was a heavy shower, which continued for four hours. The weather became cool, and the people got relief from the heat.

The rains now stopped, and a cool breeze began to blow. The sky became clear. Many People came out of their house in large numbers to enjoy the weather. I also wanted to go out and enjoy myself. So I left my house with my cousin to take a walk. The streets and lanes were full of water.  

We walked on through the water and soon were out the town. It was a beautiful sight. There was no dust in the air. The sky was blue and clear in colour. The leaves of the trees looked green and beautiful. Water was dripping from the leaves of the trees as they moved in the light breeze. Birds sang sweet songs as if to welcome the change. A sweet smell came out of the wet earth. Frogs croaked in the distance. We came back after some time. We had fully enjoyed the walk on a rainy day.

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