Short Essay on First Journey by Air or Aroplane - 200 to 250 words


Whenever I see an aeroplane in the sky, I am filled with a desire to fly. One day I spoke to my brother about it. Next day he took me to the Safdarjung airport. My purchased two tickets. A small plane was to take us on a flight over Delhi. I entered the aeroplane with great joy. There were two men and two children besides my brother on the plane. At last, the aeroplane started on its journey. I felt nervous, but my brother caught me by the arm and told me that I was quite safe there, I began to enjoy the journey as the aeroplane went high above the sky over Delhi. As I looked down, the buildings of the city looked very small like toys. Big trees looked like small plants, men and women moving in the streets appeared to be very small like so many ants. The river Yamuna appeared to be a long, silver thread. The plane moved round and round in a circle over the city, so that we could have a complete view. I was charmed by sight below. I was no longer afraid. The aeroplane flew on for half an hour before coming back to the airport. As I came out of the plane, I felt very proud. It was my first chance to have a journey by air. I was very happy when my brother told me that he would take me on another flight next month.

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