Essay on Radio in English for School Students and Children's - 200 - 250 words


A radio is a product of modern science. It was invented by "Guglielmo Marconi" an Italian Scientist. It is a machine run by electricity. We get news and music from different countries of the world through it, sitting in our own house. It has two buttons. By one we can run the radio and control its sound. By the second we are able to contact the different radio stations of the world. It is available in numerous sizes.

Nowadays it is being run by the batteries. These are known as transistors. As these are small in size, they can be easily taken from one place to another place. We have many radio stations in big cities. Various programmes are arranged here and these are sent out into the atmosphere by sounds waves. These waves are changed into sound in our radio by electricity and we can hear the programmes as we like by controlling the buttons in radios.  

It is of great use to us. Through it, we can hear the news from all parts of the world seated comfortably in our own homes. It also gives a lot of entertainment to us by its musical programmes. It is of great benefit to traders as they come to know of the latest prices of different varieties of things through it. It also tells us the correct time and about the future weather. One can listen to the radio while doing work also. It does not affect our work. Thus it is a great use and interest to every one of us.

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