Essay on Hobbies for School and College Students.- 400 to 500 words


If a man is always busy with his professional work to earn his livelihood, his life becomes dull and monotonous. It is like all work and no play. So he should try to find some engagements to make use of his leisure hours and thus derive some pleasure out of it. If happiness is the ultimate end of our life's hard struggle, hobbies can lead us to it.

What sort of Engagements are called Hobbies:
Every Englishman, it is remarked, rides a hobby-horse. The English are a hard-working nation because they find time to indulge in some hobby or other. So a hobby is a kind of pleasant engagement in our leisure hours. It does not interfere with our regular work. We have some spare-time besides our normal work, and we would like to pass this time in some work or other, which will give us real pleasure. Such engagements are called hobbies.


Different Types of Hobbies:
Hobbies may be of different types: some may be intellectual, and some others may be physical; some hobbies may be expensive and some others may cheap; some may require a lot of time, whereas others need very little time. Let's take the example of gardening as a hobby. It is an interesting hobby. One is filled with exquisite pleasure when one beholds the beautiful flowers in the garden, smiling and nodding their heads and dancing in the pleasant breeze. This sight will make him forget his cares and anxieties. Another example of the hobby is collecting stamps. It's a very cheap hobby. It filles ono with unique pleasure and increases one's knowledge in geography, history so on. Photography is another pleasant hobby. But it is expensive. It is notwithin reach off ordinary men. Fishing is a hobby that kills a lot of time.  An angler sits the whole day his fishing-rod and the hook by a lake or a river whiling away his precious time. It is suitable for people who have sufficient time at their disposal. Reading books of various tastes, drawing pictures and painting portraits, watching films, playing cards, climbing mountains, etc, are also different hobbies.

Choice of a hobby is not a herculean task. One can choose it as per one's taste and temperament. People who love physical the strain may choose outdoor hobbies like photography, hunting, taking part in games and sports, mountaineering and so on. But calm-going and intellectual people would like to pass their leisure hours in indoor hobbies such as reading books and magazines, playing cards or chess, collecting stamps, pictures or envelopes drawing and painting, etc.
Hobbies should not be very expensive. They should not be an unwanted taxation on our purse. Moreover, they cannot be main activities in our life, consuming too much of our time and energy. They are only diversions in our main business to fill our leisure hours with recreation and relaxation. It matters little whether we achieve grand success in our hobbies or not. A success in hobbies is certainly welcome, but a failure in them need not worry us. They should not become a passion for us and thus sidetrack us. Hobbies are very useful to us in our life.

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