College Library Essay and Speech: Importance, Benefit, 1st - 2nd year Students


There is a big library in our college. We have ten thousand books in this library.We have written useful Article, Speech or Essay on College Library for technical and no-technical students.

The Importance of Library in College:
The college library performs an essential role in college education. It is the treasure of knowledge and wisdom. And no college is said to be complete without a full-fledged library of its own. Students, no doubt, acquire knowledge from class-teaching. But it can never be adequate because the teachers have to cover the courses within a stipulated period allotted to them.So they have to skip off certain portions to adjust to the time factor. But the students have to prepare everything thoroughly for the examination So, they should read some books to enhance their knowledge.Now their college comes to their help.  It provides them with every scope to increase their horizon of knowledge and thus build standard. Their teachers too need textbooks for reference in their respective subjects.

How Students make use of it for their Benefit:
The college library contains books on various subjects written by masterminds. These books provide mental food to students and teachers. In college education, students cannot depend on a particular book on any subject. They have to refer to a lot of textbooks to understand a question from different angles. And it is, of course, not possible on the part of the students to buy every book on a particular topic. So they cannot but depend on the college textbooks for their study and reference as, well. The teachers are also supposed to have a good deal of knowledge in their respective subjects before they face class. They borrow textbooks from the library to fulfil their need. So the college is aimed at helping students and teachers to quench their thirst for knowledge and wisdom.


It is true that no textbooks are self-complete in the subjects they deal with. Each book may throw light on some aspect of a subject and knowledge as well. And the library, being the ocean of knowledge, provides varieties of books on any subject. There are books on arts, science, commerce, law, and so on. They may be on philosophy, religion, psychology, education, literature, physics, chemistry, zoology, mathematics, computer, accounts, management, etc. The textbooks may be for specific study from the examination point of view or for referential study. Some of them may be useful for doing research, writing papers or preparing textbooks of that standard. There are also periodicals, journals and newspapers in the library for ready reference. Now it is the turn of students and teachers to make use of the college library in the best possible way and thus refine their thoughts, change their vision and increase their depth of knowledge.

How Students and Teachers Borrow Books:
Students and teachers can borrow textbooks from their college library. Every student is provided with a card. They submit their cards at the library counter and borrow a book of their choice. The books issued to them are recorded on their cards and the dates when they are to return the books are mentioned therein. The students are not supposed to enter the library and find textbooks themselves. It may create a lot of disturbance. So they stand at the counter and tell the titles of the textbooks they need. The assistants find those textbooks on the racks and issue them to the respective students. This system is maintained for the sake of discipline. The college staff are very much particular about the safety of the books. They see that no student spoils a book because of carelessness. Besides, a reading-room is attached to the college library. Students sit here reading books in a quiet atmosphere during their leisure hours.

How Books are Arranged:
The staff consists of a librarian, a few clerks and some assistants. They are responsible for keeping books with every care, putting them subject wise and arranging them serially on the racks. They keep them free from dust, worms, etc. In the library, large shelves packed with book present a magnificent sight to look at. A real lover of books when beholds this vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom feels his heart full of contentment.

The college library is meant for helping students and teachers acquire knowledge. But they should all properly make use of this treasure. They should take every care of the books they borrow, and return them in time so that others may avail the same opportunity. They should not tear any pages of the books or disfigure them and thus cause any damage. It is only with their active cooperation; the college library will function smoothly and play the role of providing mental food to students and teachers.

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