Essay on Cinema for Children's, Kids and School Students


Cinema is an amazing invention of science. It is the most popular and common source of entertainment. We have provided an essay on Cinema for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Select any one essay according to your need.  

10 Lines Essay on Cinema
1. The cinema is a gift of science.
2.  It was invented by  “Thomas Edison”.
3.  The moving pictures on the white screen give us joy.
4. Or, one can sit before the TV at home and watch it.
5. Good Pictures entertain people and educate them.
6. But nowadays very few films are good.
7. Most of them are full of fightings and nacked scenes.
8. Visiting too many films is always bad.
9. It is waste of our time and money.
10. So we should visit good films but very often.
Essay on Cinema (150 to 200 words)
Cinema is an amazing gift of modern science to the present world. It was invented by the great scientist  “Thomas Edison”.   It was a great source of entertainment for the people. The rich and the poor, the young and old, all enjoy a cinema show. Good films can give good entertainment and can thus refresh the tired mind without any evil influence. A good film is also a source of much information. However, a bad film has a very bad effect on the minds of people, especially young ones. It has a great future if it realizes its responsibilities. It should help the growth of a healthy society by showing films which cut at the roots of the various evil habits and practices of the society. The study of science, technology and medicine, among others, can become enjoyable and real through the medium of films. Children’s films can make learning a play for the children. Such films educate as well as entertain the students. These films make the cinema a dear place for children.  It is a wonderful invention but it is not free from disadvantages. It is harmful to our eyesight.  Regularly viewing of films wastes our money and time. Thus we find the cinema has a great future if it is properly controlled and guided for the good of society.

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