Essay and Paragraph on Students Life: Discipline , Period of Hard Study and Dreams


The life of a student is not a bed of roses; it is rather full of tests and trials. It lays the foundation of the life ahead. It is a solid preparation for achieving success at every step in one's life path. It offers one a chance to learn the ways how to face the future struggles. It is the time when one has to put in a great deal of perseverance and thus learn a lot of good things of life like good manners, good behaviour, discipline, punctuality, sincerity, obedience and so on. He makes his mind broad, and his outlook takes a new turn. Discipline:

The student life is a life of discipline. One has to act upon specific rules of conduct. He has to obey his teachers inside and outside his classroom and follow their instructions from time to time. He comes in contact with a good number of students and teachers of different tastes and nature. He learns here the secret of life-the ways how to pull on with others. He tries to adjust himself to every person, and to every situation, he comes across. This nature of his enables him to be a successful man in future and thus win others easily.

Period of Hard Study:

The life of a student is a period of hard study. To acquire knowledge and wisdom, one has to work with every sincerity. He will face a grim competition at every turn in the world he is going to enter after his student career. He should work round the clock and increase his horizon of knowledge so that he may stand in the competition he is going to face. He should try to live a simple life with high thoughts and lofty ambitions. While receiving knowledge from others, he should be very humble and polite in his ways and manners.

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Time for Dreams:
The life of a student is the time of youthful dreams. He always cherishes desires to be something in future and tries hard to fulfil them. His life is a mixture of joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains. It is also full of thrills and adventures. Besides his studies, games and sports, dramas and debates fill him with real thrills. All this offers him an opportunity to develop his talents in various fields. The life at school or college sows in a student the seeds of greatness and promises him to be great in future. It is the teachers who instil in him the ways of good nature.


The life of a student has all the plus points to make himself good. But it is not without its dark side. The present of education fails to inspire our students to be great and noble.  The population explosion, the quick social changes, the temptations of our artificial civilisation, the debased economy and the demoralised political system of our country have their adverse effect on our educational institutions. The present young generation is lost in the gloom of despair. They fall an easy prey to evil ways and go astray ultimately. So it is high time that the teachers, the parents and the leaders of our country provided a good and clean environment to the student mass and led them to the light of hope. The students, on the other hand, should try their best to keep themselves away from such evil influences and devote themselves to studies, with a hope of making their mark in future.

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