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A noble ambition or aim makes life prosperous. An aimless existence is like a ship without a captain in a stormy sea. Aim serves as a spur.You will find here short and brief essay on my ambition or aim in life.

Essay on My aim in Life Doctor:  (100 words)

My name is  Vivek Kumar Dash. I am reading in class seven Gopabandhu School. I always secure ninety percent above the mark. I want to become a doctor in life. The doctor cures the patient by giving medicine. He is doing an excellent service to the humankind. After completing my tenth class, I shall study +2 science. I shall appear medical entrance, and I must qualify it. I shall consider medical science. I want to give medical care to the poor people. Service to humanity is service to god. May god fulfill my aim. A doctor is a true friend of the society.

Essay or Speech on My Aim in Life:  (600 words)

Why Should have an aim:
One must have a definite aim in life. It will urge him to work in a planned way and thus achieve excellent success in his life.Without any goal, his life his life loses its charm and becomes as dry as a desert. An aimless man can be compared to a rudderless ship left at the mercy of the winds and tides without having any chance to reach the shore. Such a person does not know what is in store for him in future. His future is determined not by his efforts but by the circumstances. Such a man cannot but cut a sorry figure ultimately.So everybody has to fix an aim in life and work accordingly to fulfill it.

Your aim in life:
I have an aim to be an administrative officer in my life. I think this will provide me a chance to serve the people of my country. I love my country and have developed a love for helping others.I shall be happy if I become an I.A.S. officer.

Your Efforts to fulfill your aim:
Well, at present I am a student of Class twelve. I have been good at studies and games as well. Besides my textbooks, I have been reading a lot of periodicals and journals to develop my outward knowledge. I am a good orator too. I can fluently speak English Hindi and Oriya. I have been taking part in debate, elocution and quiz competition held in our city. I have won some prizes for them.

I am sure I will do well in the class twelve examinations. Then I will take admission in +3. As I am interested in history, I will take up history honors and work hard to build up my career. After my graduation, I will take some time to prepare myself well for the I.A.S. Exam.  I think my hard work will urge me to make my mark at the preliminary and the final examinations.

Where there's a will, there's a way. I have a firm intention to become an administrative officer, and so the roads are open to me. They will undoubtedly lead me to my goal. It is true that competitive examinations are challenging. But nothing is impossible in this world. Hard work and sincere efforts will lead me on to achieve my end. After I carve out my place in the written and viva examinations, I will have to undergo the officers' training for a few months. Soon after the training is over, will be posted as an officer by the Government.

Your arguments in favour of your aim:
I  have my arguments in favor of my aim. Well, there is a shortage of sincere and honest administrative officers in our country. There is corruption in our county at every level of our administration. The dirty politicians of the country are responsible for this. They put theirs undue pressure on the officers who yield to their corrupt practices. It is horrible for a developing country like India where more than forty percent of the population is below the poverty line. We have had a lot of planning for the economic development of our country. But all this fails to yield any kind fruit because of vast corruption. Now it is the officers who can work out the economic planning efficiently if they are sincere, honest and strict. They should keep themselves free from the evil influences of the politicians and work for the public.

When I become an administrative officer, I will work with every sincerity. I will never fall victim to corrupt practices in my life. I will do my duty intending to serving the people as far as practicable. I will set myself an example before others for my sincerity, honesty, and diligence.

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