Diwali Essay in English 500 Words for School and College Students


The Indian social life is deeply related with different festivals. These festivals are essential for us from religious, social, and tradition view-point.We have been celebrating them round the year with a great deal of pomp and grandeur.So it is well said that India is a land of varieties of festivals. Diwali is one of the festivals celebrated all over India.

When was Diwali Celebrated
This festival falls on a month of Kartik, the closing part of the monsoon rains. It is celebrated on the new-moon day. It is mostly a festival of light and fireworks. It reminds us the triumph of goodness over evil. Though it is a festival of the Hindus, the people of other religions in India, are found participating in it.

Its Background and importance
The festival has it's mythological, historical and religious background. The Ramayana says that on this very day, Ramachandra, after his return from Lanka, was made the king of Ayodhya; and the people of the said kingdom celebrated it in grand joy with light and crackers. The Mahabharata says that Krishna killed Tārakāsura on the Diwali. So, the people of Dwarka celebrated the victory in lights and cheers. On this day, gods offered their prayers to goddess Kali who had saved them from the demons. Another myth says that on this day Lord Vishnu Lakshmi free from the clutches of Bali, the demon king. So people offer prayers to goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali.This day has got its importance from the historical point of view. It is the day when Mahavira got nirvana. So the Jainas celebrate is like a day of lights. On this day Vikramaditya ascended the throne of Magadha. Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the great reformer passed away on the Diwali. The day is observed from the social and religious point of view. On this very day, we offer our love, affection and homage to our forefathers. Wo show them lighted candles with the belief that they go to heaven.

Its Description
On this occasion, people clean their houses and decorate them with festoons and colours. On the Diwali, evening illuminates their homes with rows of lights or candles or earthen lamps. Sweets and cakes are prepared in every household to mark the occasion. The affluents use multi-coloured bulbs to view their houses whereas the poor get themselves satisfied with earthen lamps. All of them celebrate this event with varieties of crackers and fireworks and thus make merry. The firework competitions are held at some places, and people enjoy them very much.

Its good and bad sides
This festival of lights and fireworks has good its side.People keep their homes neat and clean and add colour to them to celebrate the occasion. The rows of earthen lamps with caster oil purify our atmosphere. The fireworks, crackers and lights kill lots of insects and mosquitoes which breed during the rainy season. All this keeps our environment clean and healthy. We offer our homage to our forefathers with lighted torches and thus show our gratefulness to them for our life on earth. It is an occasion of merriment without friends and relations. This festival of light is supposed to cleanse our minds and hearts and make us pure and good. It leads us from darkness to light. On this day the businessmen worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. This festival, on the whole, fills every Indian with a lot of merriment. The festival has its dark side too. The display of fireworks and crackers on this occasion is nothing but a sheer waste money. Besides, a little carelessness in dealing with the fireworks causes massive damage to our life and property. Our newspapers report lots of such mishaps on this occasion.

Celebrating a festival is always good. But it should be a rightly done without any show-work which may cost even our lives. Diwali is essential for every Indian. Even the people of other countries appreciate the ways of celebrating this festival.

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