Essay on My Village for Children's and School Students.


The name of our village is Madhupur. About seven hundred people live in it. Most of the villagers are the farmer. We have provided useful essays on My village for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Choose any one according to your need.

10 Lines Essay on My Village

1. The name of our village is Harekrushnapur.
2. It is a small village.
3. It has only seventy houses.
4. It is by the river Rushikulya.
5. Most of the villagers are farmers. They work in their fields from morning till evening.
6. There is a primary school in our village and a Shiva Temple nearby the river.
7. There is a post office and a public library in our village.
8. There is a pond and tube well in the village.
9.  It is neat and clean.
10. We love it very much.

Essay on My Village 100 words
The name of our village is Bhelpur. It is twenty miles east of Cuttack. There are two rows of houses, and the roads run between them. The community temple stands at one end of the village. Mango and coconut trees are on all sides. Most of the houses have mud walls. There are about six hundred people in our village. There is an M.E. School and health center. Most of the people in our community our poor farmers. They do hard work. A community market is held on Sunday, and people from many places come to buy and sell things there.

Essay on My Village 200 to 250 words

I live in village fifteen miles away from Delhi. It is a small house founded by my grandfather about sixty years ago. It is a population of about 500 people. We use the water of the canal for cultivating our fields. We take our drinking and cooking water from the four wells. The streets are wide and clean. There are some pucca houses in which have electricity as well as water taps. It is quite clean from inside, and heaps of the dirt can be seen just outside of the village. These give out the bad smell. During the summer and rainy seasons, there are a lot of mosquitoes in our houses which trouble has very much. Most of the people are farmers. There is also the blacksmith, a goldsmith, a tailor and two shopkeepers in it. The farmers work in the field still noon with their Bullock, and then they come back to their homes to have their meals. No, they go out again and return only after sunset. After taking the simple meals, they sit in a community center around the television set up by the government. Then they come back to their houses and go to sleep. In my village, there is a middle school and post office. The headmaster and the Postmaster are both good men and are respected by other people. I wish to settle down as a doctor after finishing my education.

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